16th REAAA Conference (2021), Manila, Philippines

As the world faces one of the hardest challenges of the century due to pandemic, REAAA still made it possible and successfully held its 16th conference. Amid Covid-19, the annual event has been resorted to fully digital / online conference which is first ever recorded in history. Ultimately, the role of engineers during this trying time is the same as any other time, as it is enshrined in their professional obligation: how to best protect the public and make their life better. Each country needs to achieve the optimal balance between fighting covid-19 and taking advantage of the technological advancement for faster, better, efficient and more effective infrastructure development. With REAAA’s mission: To meet the professional needs of its members and to foster understanding and cooperation both within and beyond this region. The chosen theme “Shaping the Future of Road Engineering with advanced Technologies,” offers to bring together distinguished engineers, researchers, policy makers, business leaders and the young professionals that has one goal: to learn advance technology from one another for each other’s community advancement. REAAA President Romeo Momo took a great pride for being a part of the honorable organization that not only promotes innovative ways in road engineering, but also practices cutting-edge services that create productive shares within the industry. He challenged everyone to develop, improve skills, practices and ways that will impact communities for sustainable infrastructure to enjoy better quality life. Raising the bar for professional development, REAAA Philippine Chapter President Jaime Pacanan vocalized a development that awaits our industry in the years to come with the new generation’s growing discoveries and emerging global trends in infrastructure development.

Through the first woman president of The Road Engineering Association of the Philippines (REAP), Dr. Maria Catalina Estamo Cabral, PH. D., she highlighted emerging problems brought by climate change and rapid urbanization which are putting pressure on the development of smart and resilient road networks in multiple ways. REAP is a group of road engineering practitioners which are equipped with the technical know-how in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads and allied structures can communicate, collaborate and educate each other.

To keep up with the modern world of technological advancement while facing a pandemic, Secretary of The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Mark Villar, commended REAAA and REAP for the efforts to link member countries for promotion of technological advancements in the field of engineering.

DPWH functions as the engineering and construction arm of the Philippine Government. Being in a fast paced era of technology, DPWH ensures that the country is ready and equipped for faster, better and more effective infrastructure development with the highest efficiency and quality in construction. The honorable event hosted by Philippines lasted for three days from September 13 until 15 and was attended by almost 2000 participants. The program consisted of Council Meeting & General Meeting, Virtual Exhibit Opening, REAAA Business Forum, Technical Virtual Tour, Technical Sessions, Katahira Award, REAAA Hwang Award and Handing-over of REAAA Presidency to Mr. Sung-Hwan Kim, PH.D.

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